Representative services
for airlines in Prague Airport

We offer the complete supervision of your flight.

We coordinate and meticulously follow up with all airport service providers to guarantee a punctual, safe, flexible and cost-effective turnaround of your flight.

All of our employers are experienced station managers, which ensures that your flight is dispatched according to the aviation/air company rules and regulations.

We provide

  • Negotiations with airports and Czech ministry of transport
  • Office in the city center
  • Airline management
  • Airline representation
  • Crew hotel accommodation and transport
  • Check-in briefing
  • Check-in management
  • Seating / config control
  • Collection of revenue items on behalf of the airline i.e. excess baggage, seating, upgrades etc.
  • Ticket issue, reissue (Amadeus). Special service EMD. PNR management.
  • Delay/ Cancellation management
  • Management of the disembarkation and boarding of passengers and loading/unloading of baggage processes
  • Ensure all services airside (fueling, catering, cleaning etc.) required for turnaround are on site upon aircraft arrival and ready to act immediately
  • Facilitate on-time departure
  • Liaise with crew for any special requirements i.e. wheelchair pax, unmr etc.
  • Post flight reporting
  • Tickets / coupon reconciliation
  • VIP escort
  • Other services on request
We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from start to finish for a seamless travel experience.