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Alleinreisende Kinder am Ural Airlines

Children on bpoard Ural AirlinesUnaccompanied Minors – this category includes children from 6 up to 12 y.o. (inclusive 12 y.o.) not accompanied by parents and not entrusted to any passenger older than eighteen years who must take care of the child during all travel.

To book travel for an unaccompanied minor, please contact your local Ural Airlines representative office. You will need to complete our 'Unaccompanied Minor' form at time of seat reservation. This form is available from your local Ural Airlines representative or your travel agent. Let us know of any special requirements, including allergies, which your child may have.

If your child needs to fly with another airline, including flights of partner airlines, check to see if different policies do apply by directly contacting that airline.

Transportation of unaccompanied child is carried out in Economy class of service.

If the child older 12 years, it is also possible to order such a service upon the payment of service fee.

IMPORTANT: for departure back from Russia. In accordance with Russian Federation Law "PROCEDURE OF DEPARTURE FROM AND ARRIVAL IN RUSSIAN FEDERATION", children (Russian citizen) under 18 years traveling alone without parents, adoptive parents must keep these people’s agreement for departure witnessed by notary. In case of leaving country for more than three month this agreement must also be witnessed by tutelary organization in order provided by Russian Government.

  • An adult must be present at the counter of the origin and destination airport so the child can complete their journey.
  • Children Travelling Alone must travel with an adult ticket.

Unaccompanied minor fee should be collected per segment per child to/from EU:


Unaccompanied minor fee



Barcelona, BCN

22 eur

Cologne, CGN

15 eur

Rome, FCO

41 eur

Heraklion, HER

15 eur



Larnaca, LCA

20 eur

Munich, MUC

33 eur



Prague, PRG


Thessaloniki, SKG

15 eur


No fee collected to/from Russian destinations.

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